Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review
Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

The Note 8 remains a fantastic choice, if you’re after a phone, with large phone features. It’s an excellent device that ticks nearly every box.

Some idea the Note 8 may never happen. After the launch and recall that was disastrous and discontinuation of the Note 7, which gets namechecked on several airlines as a object that was banned, you would have forgiven Samsung for beginning and dropping the Note title.

The Notice 8 is assumed to be Samsung return to the phablet marketplace – plus a rival to the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus – and in a number of ways this phone is a massive success. Having a gorgeous design, amazing 6.3-inch display, fantastic software and excellent stylus, there is very little not to like here.

In reality, the only major issue I have is this mobile’s battery life might not be long enough for users.


The Note 8 is a stunning piece of design. Though the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + possess a friendly curvaceous design aesthetic, Samsung has been nod at its business customers with a squarer camera module and edges. You and you get the InfinityEdge design and the ultra-thin upper and bottom bezel, respectively . I really prefer it to the normal S mobiles, although others might disagree.

The entire lot is coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 5.0, and my unit lives up to its color description of Midnight Black. It looks from the box, but after some time of using it, fatty marks do start to build up on the back. That is not unique to this telephone, and it appears far cleaner than many smartphones do after they’ve been subjected to my clammy palms.

Because I haven’t dropped it properly it’s difficult for me to comment about the durability of the glass coating onto this device. However, experience from elsewhere tells me that even the most recent glass telephones won’t survive clumsiness: our mobiles editor, Max Parker, fell the Galaxy S8 and cracked it, even while my wife dropped her (Gorilla Glass 4) Galaxy A5 2017 from table height and smashed the rear panel to smithereens. The Note 8 is, meaning it is waterproof when exposed to some half-hour submersion.

I did fall the phone a couple of inches and afterwards laid it onto a stone table, as you anticipate and it came off without blemishes. The camera module has a extruding border that protects the lenses out of behaviour. I’d pick up one tiny mark of the antennae on top of the phone, which seems to have happened as it was in my pocket.

As for attributes, let us start with front. There is iris scanner along with a front-facing camera inside the bezel in addition to an LED notification lighting and the earpiece. Though the part of the display is really At the floor there is nothing visible. On the border you receive the Bixby private assistant button and the volume rocker, while on the right is the power button. The lower border is home to the USB-C connector, 3.5millimeter headphone socket and pop-out S Pen stylus, as well as the loudspeaker. Ultimately, on the top, you get a SIM card/microSD card slot.

The camera module consists of two sensors behind two lenses (more on those in the Camera section), a optical touchscreen monitor, LED flash, and a fingerprint scanner. I will say right here on a phone that size, this is the wrong place for this and is practically impossible to achieve when pulling the phone out of your pocket, although I will save the fingerprint scanner later.

Its 6.3-inch screen may sound like a nightmare for its small-handed. In reality, thanks to the sloped edges, tiny top and underside of the bezel, and slightly stretched 18.5:9 aspect ratios, it’s nowhere near as big as the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus and other similarly chunky phones.