Huawei P Smart 2019

Huawei P Smart 2019 Screen Review

Huawei P Smart 2019
Huawei P Smart 2019

The prevalence of the very affordable P Smart has landed the line a successor for 2019 and this newest model is another funding offering for those after a smartphone experience that doesn’t cost the earth. The phone makes its best efforts to embrace a few of 2018’s largest mobile trends, such as an extended screen with a camera top notch and curved corners, in addition to the most recent release of Android Pie, and Huawei’s most recent Emotion UI dressing at the top. A number of the corners the firm has had to cut to keep this handset cheap, however, they might also make you think twice, considering what else is out there.

Huawei P Smart 2019 – Layout

The first thing that struck me when seeing the back of the P Smart was how it reminded me of mobiles such as Miami’s recently-launched flagship, the Mi Mix 3, and that’s a fantastic thing too, as the company explains the body of this P Smart 2019 as delivering a”ceramic-like complete”.
Like the Mi Mix 3, that utilizes an actual ceramic spine, the Smart’s glossy black back (it’s also accessible Aurora Blue and Sapphire Blue) offers exactly the exact same silvery reflective quality as the actual thing.

Touch or press against it, nevertheless, and you’ll instantly see through the telephone’s ruse – this is a plastic-backed apparatus and as this doesn’t feel all that premium to wield. Not to mention the immediate adoption of fingerprints and smudges that arise from a moment’s handling. Materials the form gives a cute appearance – despite its size to the P Smart.
A glance across the phone’s base and many will be very happy to hear that the P Smart is one of the few handsets still providing an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack, especially as more premium Huawei phones, such as the Mate 20 Pro, shed such hardware generations past. This, paired with wired headphones (added in-box) can also be what facilitates the phone’s FM radio function.
What you may be amazed to find (because I was) is a microUSB port. In 2019this, such as the jack, is of growing scarcity; conceding to the newer, more efficient and versatile reversible standard that most phones launched over the previous year now utilize.

Huawei would no doubt motive, like Honor and its own similarly-equipped Honor 10 Lite, that the P Smart’s budget-conscious target audience is probably better equipped to play with a microUSB-toting handset into their present tech lifestyle when compared with some USB-C-based one; I’d argue that they’re hitting, just a little bit.

Huawei P Smart 2019 – Screen

Among the key 2018 mobile tendencies was the rapid adoption of extended displays, a trait kicked off from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 annually before. The 6.21-inch IPS LCD on the P Smart sports a very long 19.5:9 aspect ratio, so despite awarding you sizeable screen property, the telephone is not quite as wide as it might be if Huawei had stuck with a more conventional 16:9 aspect ratio.

This”FullView” screen gives the phone a tall, slim look. It is wonderful to wield in one hand and the firm has managed to keep the bezels svelte also; not a guarantee where smartphones that are affordable are involved. There’s still an undeniable’chin’ of bezel running the bottom border of the handset, where you will spot a top notch, while the top is.
Even so, it’s small and unobtrusive enough that it will not mess with the interface of programs all that way and if you do run into an incompatibility with third-party applications, you have the option to scale apps back to better fit within the dimensions of the screen minus the notch encroaching in any way.

If you really aren’t a fan of the top notch, you can also hide it from a software-based black pub, but in my own view this seems nasty, providing the P Smart an unsightly and unbalanced’forehead’ that is more conspicuous compared to the bezel’s chin.
As for screen quality, Huawei says that the 1080 x 2340 Full HD+ panel is equipped to provide on 85 percent of the NTSC color gamut. In usage, colours are nice, satisfying on first glance, but it pays to fiddle around with things. By default, the Smart’s display is defined as”vivid” mode, however thanks to the robust settings choices, it’s simple to tone down things if visuals are too punchy or you also would like to manually adjust color and colour temperature.

Huawei P Smart 2019 – Performance

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite comes with an RRP of #380, for nearly half that price 2019’s P Smart brings exactly the exact same Kirin 710 chip found inside the Lite into the table. Despite being paired with just 3GB of RAM (a relatively paltry amount for a Android phone in 2019), it’s perfectly well-equipped for your everyday smartphone requirements.
What is more, thanks to some optimisation from Huawei, the GPU Turbo 2.0 upgrade also signifies the P Smart provides a decent enough gambling experience on titles I would have supposed would have been above this phone’s capabilities.