The Moto G6 Special Review 2019

The Moto G6 Special Review 2019

The Moto G6 Special Review 2019
The Moto G6 Special Review 2019

The Moto G6 is currently nearing its first birthday and we’re expecting to see the replacement, likely the Moto G7. The Moto G6 remains an excellent phone a lot has changed from the budget phone space over the past year.

Xiaomi has entered the UK market, bringing with it an a collection of budget phones. Honor has continued improving. Is the time for Moto’s budget dominance to end?


Fitting in with all the 2017/2018 smartphone audience, the Moto G6 totes a lengthy 18:9 aspect ratio screen, leading to a narrower body than previous entries in the Moto G family. It makes for a comfortable fit in the hand without sacrificing display real-estate and as this it’s still perfect for watching videos.

It is svelte form carries across using a silhouette that more readily slips into your pocket, or instead, thinness; to its thickness.

Reassuringly, Motorola also appears to have made this Moto more hardy . Despite the glass design, there’s a sturdy metal frame running the border of the phone and the rear is hewn from Gorilla Glass that is round. Placing it side by side with all the mostly plastic-bodied Moto Gs of older, there is no competition.

There is a whiff of Samsung Galaxy S9 concerning the layout too – never a bad thing – but the Moto G6 feels lighter.

A well bevelled power button sits on the side and it is flanked by a click quantity rocker. A USB-C jack and headset jack (it is still there! ) ) Can be found across the bottom. Below the screen is a slightly unnecessary Motorola logo plus a fingerprint scanner/home button.

The Moto G6 lacks any water-resistance, however, there is an extra coating that offers some immunity against rain and splashes. Just don’t expect this to protect against an accidental dunking in a bath.


Handsets within this price-range often sacrifice a display to try to keep down prices. But when you think about I prefer a quality screen above, say, a few added gigabytes of RAM and storage. Thankfully, the Moto G6’s display is quite great.

The 18:9, 5.7-inch IPS LCD panel is significantly taller than that featured over the Moto G5, and also to fill the extra space resolution has been bumped up marginally from FHD into FHD+. At this size, you are not likely to see the difference between this and a QHD+ toting screen – unless you become and we are yet to view OLED panels impress at the end of the market.

That resolution makes for comprehensive reproduction of videos and pictures , with individual pixels which are impossible to see. Combine this with the Moto G6 and all the screen is great for watching Netflix and YouTube.